who doesn’t know it? You just want to start using your large format or medium format camera and the ground glass is broken.

Searching on the web shows either all the producers of the ground glasses are gone silently in the past or you would have to pay a fortune like 150 Euro for a glass of 4×5 inch. Or perhaps you need one in a special size not available?

Since some years I am producing my own screens as they are consumable supplies for me sometimes.

Now I have a huge collection from 6×4,5, 6×9, 4×5, 8×10 or larger for all cameras I had and still have, produced for my Horseman VHR, Linhof Technika, Wista, Toyo, Plaubel, B&J and so on.

If you need one (or more) drop me a note which the desired size in millimeters.

All screens are made by 2mm float glass and have the edges chamfered.

Most of the ground glasses are at least as bright as the original and grained more fine. To keep them simple and cheap they don’t have any lines and grids.

The price depends on the desired film size:

6×4,5 – 6×9: 15 Euro
9×12/4×5 : 25 Euro
13×18/5×7 : 50 Euro
18×24/8×10 : 75 Euro

larger sizes upon request at screens@themissinglink.de